Question?  Do you open windows and blinds during the summer?

The age-old debate is: Do I open the windows during the summer to let fresh air and light in and risk melting from the heat of the sun?  Or do I shut the windows and blinds, run the air-conditioner and live like a hermit?

Well!  Window technology will allow you to enjoy the fresh summer air, your cat can comfortably bask in the summer rays, and those aggravating mosquitos stay outside!

Your new best friend in the world of windows is Low-E Argon! 

When a window is said to be “Low-E Argon”, this means that in the summer, your windows vs the sun’s angle, limit the amount of heat that passes through the window glass, without hindering the light.


How is this possible?

Energy-efficient windows are made to essentially neutralize the effects of changing weather on the inside of your home. They help keep a constant temperature longer so your air-conditioning and heating systems don’t have to turn on and run quite so often.  Furthermore, energy-efficient windows are designed with either double or triple-pane glass, which working in tandem with the low-e coating and argon insulating gas, provides added protection against air leakage, and blocks ultraviolet rays from damaging your interiors.


Low-E coating is a unique microscopic glaze that helps minimize the amount of ultraviolet, infrared and visible light from penetrating the glass keeping you cooler in the summer.

Low-E literally means “low-emissivity”, which in turn means a surface that emits low levels of radiant heat.  All surfaces reflect, absorb, and transmit heat.

In the winter, a Low-E coating reduces the amount of that heat transfer.  Solar rays, which contain the short infrared rays are converted when they encounter furniture, walls or floors, into long infrared rays, which generate heat. These are specifically blocked by the Low-E; they stay inside.  The reverse happens in the summer, to a lesser extent, when the sun strikes the Low E surface. The heat (or long infrared rays) are then kept outside.


Argon is one of the rare gases in the atmosphere. It makes up about 0.94% of the atmosphere of the earth. This gas is colourless, odorless, tasteless, and non-reactive to other bodies, in addition to being an excellent thermal insulator.

In the field of windows, it is used to replace the air between the window panes in double and triple glass to reduce energy loss. Due to its density, Argon gas is better at insulating compared to plain air, which is why energy-efficient windows utilize Argon Gas between the panes of glass. That means in the summer, the heat is limited from entering your home while the conditioned air stays put inside your home.

With all that science behind window technology, you no longer must melt, get eaten by bugs, or live like an air-conditioned hermit.

Swing open those windows, draw open those shades!  Let the sun stream in, let the summer breeze flow throughout your home!