Fall is almost upon us, and that means the weather is going to start getting colder the closer we get to winter. With the changes in weather we experience in the fall, it’s important to make the proper preparations in and outside our homes. One of the areas you should be focusing on is your home’s windows; preparing your windows for the fall is a great way to ensure any problems they may have do not get worse as we go into the cold winter months. Here’s a quick look at some of the things you can do to get your windows ready for fall.

Take Care of Drafts

All homeowners have probably at one point or another felt a cold draft in their home due to a door or window that is not closed properly. The last thing you want is for those drafts to continue into the much colder winter months. Fall is the perfect time to start taking care of any drafts in your home by fixing the problem at the source. Though it may be an improperly closed door, oftentimes an improperly closed window is the culprit. Dirt and debris are usually the cause of a window that will not close properly, so it’s a good idea to clean your windows through and through. If it’s not dirt or debris causing the problem it may be that your window is simply in need of repair. One way to fix a draft is to apply weatherstripping to seal any gaps or cracks that are letting cold air in. Self-adhesive foam weatherstripping is fairly inexpensive and is easy to come by, so use it to seal up those drafts!

Fix Glazing Problems

Many older windows have glazing putty to hold their glass in place. Over time, this putty can crack and break, which results in the glass panels wiggling loosely in their frames. This is another common cause of drafts in the home. Re-glazing needs to be done properly in order to be effective and not ruin the look of the window. You should start by scraping out the old and loose glazing putty, and then ensure the glass and frame are nice and dry before inserting glazing points to secure the glass in place. Lastly, lay down one or two beads of silicon to seal the glass properly.

Give Your Windows a Fall Cleaning

It’s a good idea to give your windows a thorough cleaning before winter sets in. Start by using a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment to vacuum the interior of the window’s sills and frame. Then use a cleaning sponge or soft cloth with a cleaning solution to wash the windows. Scrub using circular motions and wash from the outer perimeter and corners of the window towards the centre. Once you wash and rinse, dry the window using a squeegee, paper towel, lint-free cloth, or newspaper. Make sure to apply all of your strokes in the same direction when drying. For washing the exterior of your house’s windows, repeat the same steps, with the exception of vacuuming.

By following these tips, your windows will be much better prepared for both the fall and winter weather, and you’ll be much more comfortable in your home seeing as drafts will not be a problem.


All credit goes to Northern Windows and Doors