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How to use Wooden Furniture in Your Modern Designs

Nowadays, wooden furniture is seen as a traditional decor piece rather than something could work in a modern design. Heavy, dark wood pieces or ornate furniture has people steering clear of investing in wood furniture for their modern home or business. However, you don’t have to worry about your modern furniture pieces reminding people of the 1970s. You can easily bring your space into the 21st century with these four tips on how to properly use wooden furniture in your modern design.

Bold Furniture

Modern wood furniture is pretty light when compared to its traditional heavy oak or mahogany counterparts. However, the lighter look doesn’t mean that modern wooden furniture can’t have a bold style. Large pieces can still make a statement without looking outdated. To make sure they’re still considered modern pieces, look for bold wooden furniture that’s composed of clean lines and has a sleek design. Now you can have a bold wooden statement piece that’s not outdated in the least.

Round Wooden Tables

You could be looking for a coffee table or dining table that’s made of wood, partially or completely, and find that it might look overly traditional in your modern room design. However, these aren’t something to be afraid of. You can make a traditional looking circular wooden table work with the right colour and decorations surrounding it. Going for something that’s lighter in colour will allow it to blend well with more decorative pieces. You can also mix materials to add a modern twist to the table, whether that means having a metal base and wooden tabletop or a glass top with a minimalistic wooden base.

Natural Elements

It’s much easier to incorporate wood furniture into your modern design when there are other natural elements already present. Having an abundance of natural lighting is an added bonus, whether you have larger windows or a lot of mirrors, when you have wood tables and armchairs in a modern room. Adding wicker decor, wall hanging and table decorations can help to bring a sense of cohesion to your modern design. The addition of plants as well will create a natural and relaxing atmosphere that’s become incredibly popular over the past several years.

Wooden Dining Chairs

This is another piece of furniture that’s commonly associated with traditional spaces. However, wooden dining chairs can be an effective fixture in modern kitchens and dining room when styled correctly. Using unique shapes, like smooth round back chairs or minimalistic designs, modern wooden chairs can fit into a modern space without looking out of place. Wood chairs that have lower backs, are a lighter colour and/or are upholstered in brighter colours are categorized as modern furniture.


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