In accordance with the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, up to 25 percent of heat loss occurs through the windows which are poorly insulated or installed. With the warm spring and summer months coming up, you do not need to be blasting the air conditioning just to seem like you are being robbed blind each time you get a hydro bill.

Heat loss through windows can occur in four various modes, namely:

  • Infiltration – Air escaping from the openings and little spaces along the borders.
  • Conduction – Heat passing through the window glass.
  • Radiation – When the warm air flowing from a heated object interacts with a cooler object nearby causing balance and a further decline in households temperature.
  • Convection – Windows acts as a barrier between your home and the outside world. Throughout spring, the outside of your windows cope with warm conditions whilst the inside is much colder. This creates a current near the window which actually replaces the warm air outside of your home with heavier cold air from the inside, thus causing your home’s temperature to raise.

In order to combat these common causes of temperatures rising, you need to make sure that the windows are properly insulated for energy efficiency. Not only can insulation lower your hydro costs, but additionally it can enable your house to maintain a higher moisture degree which increases air quality and reduces the danger of window condensation.

Purchasing the most energy efficient windows potential is an investment which continuously pays for itself, and to make the best choice, you must understand the three critical components that isolate windows and assist you to conserve money!


In case your frames are hollow, air circulates inside them causing a cooling effect on your sill and window. Nevertheless, if you install foam filled frames, you’ll notice that the frame doesn’t allow the circulation of cold air. Rather, it efficiently blocks the outside spring temperatures from coming in.


Modern glazing technology is well equipped to cope with the realities of a severe Canadian climate. Low E Glass or low emissivity glass is fantastic for thermal insulation because it’s got a metallic transparent coating which uses double action to reflect heat back into the room while allowing heat and light from the sun to pass through.

Multiple Panes

Single Panels are a favourite and cheap option for many North American homeowners, however, these windows are horrible for locking in cold air. Think about it like this: whenever you go outside in the spring months, you know that the overlay is basically what keeps you comfortable and cool. It is the same thing with your windows, and that is why triple pane blocks the warmer elements from entering.

Early in the spring is the best time to change your windows to a more energy efficient option because the temperatures aren’t too high yet, ensuring your home will remain at a neutral temperature. If you are in Edmonton and are looking to get new windows installed, contact Northern Windows and Doors today! Our expert installers will be able to change most home windows on the same day so you won’t have to worry about the temperature in your home changing too much overnight!


All credit goes to Northern Windows and Doors