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How to use Wooden Furniture in Your Modern Designs

Nowadays, wooden furniture is seen as a traditional decor piece rather than something could work in a modern design. Heavy, dark wood pieces or ornate furniture has people steering clear of investing in wood furniture for their modern home or business. However, you don’t have to worry about your modern furniture pieces reminding people of the 1970s. You can easily bring your space into the 21st century with these four tips on how to properly use wooden furniture in your modern design.

Bold Furniture

Modern wood furniture is pretty light when compared to its traditional heavy oak or mahogany counterparts. However, the lighter look doesn’t mean that modern wooden furniture can’t have a bold style. Large pieces can still make a statement without looking outdated. To make sure they’re still considered modern pieces, look for bold wooden furniture that’s composed of clean lines and has a sleek design. Now you can have a bold wooden statement piece that’s not outdated in the least.

Round Wooden Tables

You could be looking for a coffee table or dining table that’s made of wood, partially or completely, and find that it might look overly traditional in your modern room design. However, these aren’t something to be afraid of. You can make a traditional looking circular wooden table work with the right colour and decorations surrounding it. Going for something that’s lighter in colour will allow it to blend well with more decorative pieces. You can also mix materials to add a modern twist to the table, whether that means having a metal base and wooden tabletop or a glass top with a minimalistic wooden base.

Natural Elements

It’s much easier to incorporate wood furniture into your modern design when there are other natural elements already present. Having an abundance of natural lighting is an added bonus, whether you have larger windows or a lot of mirrors, when you have wood tables and armchairs in a modern room. Adding wicker decor, wall hanging and table decorations can help to bring a sense of cohesion to your modern design. The addition of plants as well will create a natural and relaxing atmosphere that’s become incredibly popular over the past several years.

Wooden Dining Chairs

This is another piece of furniture that’s commonly associated with traditional spaces. However, wooden dining chairs can be an effective fixture in modern kitchens and dining room when styled correctly. Using unique shapes, like smooth round back chairs or minimalistic designs, modern wooden chairs can fit into a modern space without looking out of place. Wood chairs that have lower backs, are a lighter colour and/or are upholstered in brighter colours are categorized as modern furniture.


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5 Window Maintenance Tips For Long-Lasting Vinyl Windows

Installing beautiful windows goes a long way toward modernizing your home’s look. It is an investment that will affect how long they last, how good they look, and how well they function. Many window problems result from improper use or maintenance. With the right upkeep, you can keep your windows looking new for years to come.


Every type of window has unique maintenance needs. To care for your interior and exterior windows and have them looking and working their best, follow these tips:

Clean the Glass Often

Cleaning glass may seem simple, but there are some common mistakes you need to avoid. You should use a glass cleaner with a gentle microfiber cloth. An abrasive material will not clean your window any better, and it could leave it damaged.


In addition to abrasive cloths, do not use steel wool, razor blades, or knives on your window. You should also avoid harsh detergents and cleaners. Keeping the glass part of your windows clean helps moisture to drain. Sitting moisture can cause damage to your windows over time and give them a cloudy look.

Show the Whole Family How to Operate the Windows

You would be surprised by how many people damage windows by operating them the wrong way. Most people do not even notice that misusing windows puts stress on them.


Ask the installer to demonstrate how to operate the windows when you have them put up. If your windows are already installed, look up online instructions for your window type. After you know how to use your windows correctly, show the rest of your family.

Clean the Exterior Vinyl Frame

On top of cleaning your interior frame, you should also keep your outer vinyl windowpane clean. It does not need to be on your weekly to-do list, but you should do it at least a few times per year.


As with the interior frame, use a gentle soap with water. Harsh abrasives, acid cleaners, acidic solvents, and pressure-washing can all damage or discolour the seal on your vinyl. Be sure to use a soft cloth on these exteriors parts of your windows as well.


When you’re finished cleaning, be sure to rinse off all soap. Soap residue can dry as an unattractive coating in the harsh sun.

Clean the Interior Vinyl Frame Regularly

The vinyl frame of your window can become discoloured if it is not cleaned correctly. Besides, if you have a beautiful new window, you don’t want to sully its look with a dusty frame.


To clean your vinyl frame use a mild solution of soapy water. Don’t use acid cleaners, strong solvents, or abrasive materials. This can damage the vinyl, and your efforts will do more harm than good.

Lubricate the Hardware

One of the most important ways to keep your vinyl window working correctly is to lubricate the hardware. This includes the hinge and any other moving pieces.


Before you lubricate, always clean off any dust and dirt. Wipe down the hardware with soapy water and rinse off any soap residue.


Be sure to use silicone-based lubricants, not petroleum-based, for hinges, rollers, and metal tilt latches. A small amount goes a long way. While there is not a set schedule to follow, lubricate your hardware any time it does not operate as smoothly as it should. This helps to avoid unnecessary stress on the device. It is also important to be careful when you’re cleaning the hardware. Do not use citrus cleaners, vinegar, abrasive solutions, or ammonia.


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How Different Types of Installation Affects the Price of Your Windows

You can’t live in a house without a few windows scattered throughout. Not only does it give you a nice view of your neighbourhood, but it also allows for natural air flow and sunlight to filter into your home. You can also expect that these windows will need to be replaced at some point, depending on your climate, the age of your windows, the materials used to frame it and more. Windows should last you about 25 years, but circumstances can lead to them needing to be replaced sooner rather than later.


When it comes to the cost of window replacement, many factors can affect it, including the size of the job, the brand and style of the windows themselves, the overall quality, the type of glass used and the installation method. The biggest factor that can affect the cost of window replacements is the type of installation process needed to get the job done right. We’re going to dive into the two most common types of window installation that could drastically increase or decrease your budget.

Installed Into an Existing Frame

Also known as the retrofit installation methods, choosing this installation process only works if you’re inserted new windows into a pre-existing window frame. During this installation, everything except the window itself is left intact. That includes the pillars and wooden frame that the window attaches to. To save you some money, your contractor can also use aluminum capping when dealing with the outer cover of the windows instead of replacing the existing brick mould. This is the installation option for you if you’re only replacing a window, as it doesn’t cost nearly as much as if you were to rebuild the window frames and overall structure.

Full Frame Installation

Also known as the brick-to-brick installation method, deciding to proceed with this installation process means rebuilding and replacing the entire existing window frame structure. This is necessary if you’re replacing your windows with ones of a different style or size. Ripping everything out right down to the nails, this might also be an option if you have a lot of moisture within your wooden frame or if the wood has begun to rot. Your contractor will need to build the frame on site, install the window itself, the interior trim and exterior brick moulds, all of which will cost you much more than a simple, retrofit window replacement.


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Common Window Problems and How To Fix Them

Windows don’t just add to the look of your home but they also provide ventilation and fresh air for the people living inside. They are, however, quite prone to wear and tear. If you notice that your windows aren’t functioning properly, don’t yet plan to replace them. Instead, you may be able to fix them completely by targeting the root of the problem. Here are some common window problems and their quick solutions:

Drafty room

If you notice that a room or spot near a window is cooler than the rest of your home, it is probably because a draft is sneaking inside. Especially in these chilly Edmonton winters, windows and doors need to be shut tight. Caulking your window may be a great solution to this problem. This will help to seal visible gaps along the exterior of the windows. You can simply buy a tube of caulk and a caulk gun to seal any visible gaps. Let the caulk dry for at least 24 hours. If the draft continues, it may be that the overall quality of the window is low and you need a plan B. Simply hire the experienced and licensed crew from Northern Windows and Doors and get an energy-efficient window replacement to guarantee that your home has a regulated indoor temperature, irrespective of the outside temperature.

Horizontal sliding windows don’t open

One of the most common issues with horizontal slider windows is that the windows stick along the track or slide very slowly. This might be due to a lot of dust and grime accumulating in the track. You can clean the tracks by coating them with a concoction of baking soda and a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let the mix fizzle for a while and then scrub it with a toothbrush. Use a paper towel and a butter knife wrapped with a rag to reach all the corners and crevices for a thorough cleaning.

Issues with crank-operated windows

Just like the horizontal sliding windows, crank-operated windows too need routine cleaning and maintenance. To help with this problem, clean and lubricate your window cranks. Remove the arm of the crank and get rid of the rust inside the gears with a wire brush. Next, use a toothbrush coated with a cleaning liquid and scrub it. Wipe down dry with a rag and then lubricate the gears and crank. However, if the issue persists, you may need to think about getting replacement casement windows or awning windows for your home.

Wooden frame windows

The issue with wooden frame windows is that they can swell up due to moisture and humidity. This means that the frames keep changing diameters. Naturally, it is hard for them to close or open amidst times when high condensation occurs. Unfortunately, there is no remedy except replacing the windows for this particular issue. Opting for an energy-efficient replacement, like a vinyl frame, is a great option as it is equipped to handle sudden weather changes. Northern Windows and Doors can help. Whether it is cleaning, repairing, replacing or installing windows or doors, our experienced crew can help you to get a solution for all kinds of window and door issues.