Let’s take a look at two of the most popular types of windows – bow and bay. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be unaware of the difference between the two, so here’s a breakdown of these in-demand styles.

How are Bow and Bay Windows Similar?

Unlike most windows, bow, and bay windows literally, add space to a room. This is because both of these two styles protrude from the side of a house. Bow and bay windows are designed with multiple window panes that are connected together at a wide angle. This creates a round “window box” which brings in more sunlight to fill your room.

What are the Differences between Bow and Bay Windows

  • A bay window has three openings, which are available in angled projections, whereas a bow window usually has four or five.
  • Bay windows generally protrude farther out from the wall, meaning that they are useful if you are really looking to add a little bit more space to your interior.
  • Bow windows tend to allow more light to come into the room than bay windows do. This is because they have more glass panes than bay windows.
  • Because bay windows only have three panels, they are usually not as wide as bow windows.
  • A neat feature about bow windows is that they can be wrapped around the corner of a building. This forms a neat turret shape on the outside and a beautiful nook on the inside. This is not something that bay windows can offer.

Is There a Difference in Cost?

The difference in cost between bow and bay windows is usually pretty small.  Many manufacturers will charge more for a bigger window, but the difference between a bow and a bay is typically not a large price driver. A bow window with five panels will typically cost more than a bay window with only three panels. You may see a cost difference of a few hundred dollars, but not much more than that.

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