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Myths About Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a welcome and beneficial addition to any home. However, there are some common myths and misconceptions that might deter homeowner’s from investing in and adding a sliding door to their patio. At Northern Windows and Doors, we believe these kind of doors are worthwhile additions to your home, so we want to help dispel some of these common myths.


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A common myth about sliding patio doors is that they are not conducive to privacy. With their large profile, this assertion is somewhat understandable; however, privacy issues with sliding patio doors can be avoided by using particular types of glass that obscure outside viewing, such as frosted glass.

Another common myth is that these types of doors are energy inefficient. Again, this is not the case: you can order sliding patio doors composed of dual-paned glass, which is energy-efficient because of its strong insulating ability. In fact, patio doors with dual-paned glass can actually save you money by making your house more energy-efficient. There is clearly no merit to this particular myth.

A myth that the large glass panels of these patio doors are difficult to slide has also developed. Again, the myth is baseless. You may have trouble sliding your patio doors if they are improperly installed or of low quality, but if you get a sliding door and installation from professionals like us at Northern Windows and Doors, we will ensure that your patio doors always glide perfectly.

Similarly, some believe that having a large sliding door is impossible in the first place. Again, this is rarely true, you can have substantially sized sliding patio doors because the weight of the door is at the bottom on the rollers. With the proper weight distribution that comes from a high-quality installation, large sliding patio doors are entirely feasible for your home.

Another baseless myth is that sliding doors are predisposed to allowing rainwater into your home; this could not be farther from the truth. With a high-quality door and professional installation, your sliding patio doors will not have any problem with rain and adverse weather.

The last myth we want to dispel is that sliding doors are in any way unsafe. In particular, people are worried that the glass on sliding patio doors could shatter upon being struck and consequently pose a health and safety risk to nearby occupants. Again, it all comes down to the quality of the door. If you get your door from a reputable company, such as ours, you will never have to worry about this issue; put simply, your sliding patio door will always be safe.

We hope this post has helped clear up some misconceptions for you. If you are interested in sliding patio doors and have any inquiries on the topic, we’d be happy to help you! For more information, please contact us.


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How to Test Your Windows and Doors for Air Leaks

When you’re cuddled up at home, on the couch or in bed, the last thing you want to feel is a waft of cold or hot air coming in from a crack in a window or door. Air leaks in windows and doors can be annoying as well as cost you money from air conditioning or heat escaping during the summer and winter months. There are a few ways that you can figure out where these air leaks are so that you can get the appropriate repairs made. So, how do you spot an air leak? Here are three ways that you can check your windows and doors, and other areas of your home, to see if you have an air leak.

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Do a Visual Inspection

Go through your whole house and look for any visible openings, cracks, and failed caulking materials. If you can physically see these problems, then they are most likely the cause of your drafts and what is contributing to the energy costs that are steadily rising. Other than the windows and doors, which are the best place to start, you should also check any corners, outdoor faucets, and chimneys or sliding doors. Other less likely causes of air leakage can be electrical outlets, gas entrances, cable phone lines, and vents and fans. When you do this, feel around, see if there are spots that are colder or warmer (depending on the time of year) to see if certain areas are more likely to be the culprit.

The Smoke Method

You will need a lighter and a candle or incense stick to conduct a smoke test to try to find air leaks. To do this test, close every window and door and make sure that no fans are running. Light the candle or incense stick and move it around window and door frames, keeping the flame or smoke as vertical as possible. Observe to see if the smoke or flame are blown inward into your home or sucked outward anywhere along the frame. If this occurs, then it means that you have an air leak in that spot on your door or window. If you do have some air leaking, try to clean the area to see if dirt or debris was blocking the window or door from sealing properly. Otherwise, it is time to call a professional to fix the issue.

Use an Air Leak Detector

An air leak detector also called an infrared thermometer measures the air temperature around your windows and doors. Using an air leak detector, you can find exactly where the temperature around your windows and doors is cooler, which allows you to pinpoint leaks. Once you know where the leaks are, you can communicate with a technician to get them fixed a lot easier.

The team at Northern Windows and Doors wants to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. Part of this is making sure that you do not have any air leaks. Contact us today if you think you have air links in your home and we will come in and get you all fixed up.


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How Energy Efficient Windows Can Help You Save Money on Your Hydro Bill

energy efficient windows

In accordance with the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, up to 25 percent of heat loss occurs through the windows which are poorly insulated or installed. With the warm spring and summer months coming up, you do not need to be blasting the air conditioning just to seem like you are being robbed blind each time you get a hydro bill.

Heat loss through windows can occur in four various modes, namely:

  • Infiltration – Air escaping from the openings and little spaces along the borders.
  • Conduction – Heat passing through the window glass.
  • Radiation – When the warm air flowing from a heated object interacts with a cooler object nearby causing balance and a further decline in households temperature.
  • Convection – Windows acts as a barrier between your home and the outside world. Throughout spring, the outside of your windows cope with warm conditions whilst the inside is much colder. This creates a current near the window which actually replaces the warm air outside of your home with heavier cold air from the inside, thus causing your home’s temperature to raise.

In order to combat these common causes of temperatures rising, you need to make sure that the windows are properly insulated for energy efficiency. Not only can insulation lower your hydro costs, but additionally it can enable your house to maintain a higher moisture degree which increases air quality and reduces the danger of window condensation.

Purchasing the most energy efficient windows potential is an investment which continuously pays for itself, and to make the best choice, you must understand the three critical components that isolate windows and assist you to conserve money!


In case your frames are hollow, air circulates inside them causing a cooling effect on your sill and window. Nevertheless, if you install foam filled frames, you’ll notice that the frame doesn’t allow the circulation of cold air. Rather, it efficiently blocks the outside spring temperatures from coming in.


Modern glazing technology is well equipped to cope with the realities of a severe Canadian climate. Low E Glass or low emissivity glass is fantastic for thermal insulation because it’s got a metallic transparent coating which uses double action to reflect heat back into the room while allowing heat and light from the sun to pass through.

Multiple Panes

Single Panels are a favourite and cheap option for many North American homeowners, however, these windows are horrible for locking in cold air. Think about it like this: whenever you go outside in the spring months, you know that the overlay is basically what keeps you comfortable and cool. It is the same thing with your windows, and that is why triple pane blocks the warmer elements from entering.

Early in the spring is the best time to change your windows to a more energy efficient option because the temperatures aren’t too high yet, ensuring your home will remain at a neutral temperature. If you are in Edmonton and are looking to get new windows installed, contact Northern Windows and Doors today! Our expert installers will be able to change most home windows on the same day so you won’t have to worry about the temperature in your home changing too much overnight!


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Replacing Your Windows the Right Way This Spring

As a longtime resident in Edmonton, you already know how intense the spring can get with how much water accumulates due to melting snow and pouring rain. The structure of your home could be compromised due to higher heating, cold wind entering through your door, and moisture making its way into your window panes. If you notice your hydro bill is a lot higher than in previous years, it may be a good sign that there is a problem with your windows because they are allowing more cold air to enter your home. There are some short-term solutions you can try to lower the amount of cold air that enters your home, like stuffing a towel around your window sill and under your door. However, if you want to completely fix the problem so that you won’t have to worry about it for years to come, it may be time to replace your windows.

Window Installation Edmonton

Spring is one of the best times to replace your windows because the temperature outside isn’t too cold or hot so your home won’t be hit with any drastic changes during the installation period. Replacing windows, especially if you have aluminum or vinyl, is incredibly hard to do yourself if it’s the first time you are attempting it. This is because they can shift over time, making it difficult to repair and properly install new windows without encountering the same leakage problems.

If you are looking for a friendly and professional company in Edmonton to install your windows this spring, look no further than Northern Windows and Doors! We have over 15 years of experience and can install a wide variety of windows that will make your home look more aesthetically pleasing and will help lower your heating bill. We can install any type of window, including:

We want to make sure that you are getting the most energy-efficient windows, that’s why all of our windows are made of high-quality PVC. Not only will it save you money by saving energy, installing these types of windows are much more cost-effective compared to wooden and aluminum windows.

At Northern Windows and Doors, we have a team of factory-trained professionals that are ready to replace your old windows and install new ones as quickly as possible to protect your home from outside elements. The Edmonton weather won’t be a problem either; we have specialized runners to help keep everything warm and dry if you decide to replace your windows this spring.

Our windows come in a vast range of shapes, colours, and styles that will fit any home in Edmonton. We take the stress and headaches out of DIY window replacements and leave you with the peace of mind that your home’s structure will be intact for many, many years to come.

Call us at (780) 468-4899 to book your spring window installation appointment today!


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4 Different Types of Window Glass

Edmonton Windows

Choosing a new type of window for your home involves several factors. Besides the price, you want to be sure that the window glass provides insulation and is energy efficient. Many window glass types even help block harmful UV rays, as well as act as a sound buffer to the outside world. These are 4 of the main types of window glass you will have to choose from when installing new windows in your home, and each type offers different benefits that need to be taken into consideration. Here are 4 different types of windows and what they can do for you!

Insulated Glass Windows

Insulated glass windows are made up of two or more panes. These panes are separated by spacers and sealed hermetically. The space between the glass panes insulates the window. These are excellent for regions where extreme cold or hot temperatures are experienced. While an excellent option, insulated glass windows do cost up to twice as much as other window options.

Gas-filled Windows

A gas-filled window is another type of pane. The gas used is often argon or krypton. They offer much more insulation than the insulated panes described above. When combined with Low-E glass and heat-absorbing tints this type of window has an incredibly high R-rating. The gas does leak out, however, at around a rate of 1% per year.

Heat-Absorbing Tint Windows

If you want to get glass that reduces glare, look for a type of window made with heat-absorbing tint. It keeps out solar heat and makes an excellent choice for office environments. It can be combined with gas-filled and insulated windows.

Low-Emissivity Windows

Low E glass or Low-emissivity panes are coated with a special coating that helps control heat as it comes into the window. These are great for cold climates. You would be able to use less heat with the help of these windows so they are an excellent investment.

There are two basic types of Low-E products. One is a reflective coating glass which reduces the amount of solar light that transmits through the window. This reduces glare as well as the transfer of solar heat indoors. Another type is spectrally-selective, a coating which filters about 70% of heat without blocking any light.

When you choose the glass you want, you want to think of your home’s needs for heating and cooling. Insulation panes make good sense for any climate that experiences both hot and cold weather while the Low-E glass products are superb for cold climates.

You also want to think of the lighting that you need in your home. Different types of glass will allow more or less light into the home. If you have furnishings or carpets that could become bleached by the sun you will want to purchase a window that deflects the sun’s UV rays.

Many of these types of windows can also be combined, to get the R-rating that you’re looking for while also balancing cost.

For more information, consult Northern Windows and Doors. We can help you determine which type of window is right for you, as well as what frame styles, materials, and colours you like best.


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Bow and Bay Windows

Edmonton Windows

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular types of windows – bow and bay. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be unaware of the difference between the two, so here’s a breakdown of these in-demand styles.

How are Bow and Bay Windows Similar?

Unlike most windows, bow, and bay windows literally, add space to a room. This is because both of these two styles protrude from the side of a house. Bow and bay windows are designed with multiple window panes that are connected together at a wide angle. This creates a round “window box” which brings in more sunlight to fill your room.

What are the Differences between Bow and Bay Windows

  • A bay window has three openings, which are available in angled projections, whereas a bow window usually has four or five.
  • Bay windows generally protrude farther out from the wall, meaning that they are useful if you are really looking to add a little bit more space to your interior.
  • Bow windows tend to allow more light to come into the room than bay windows do. This is because they have more glass panes than bay windows.
  • Because bay windows only have three panels, they are usually not as wide as bow windows.
  • A neat feature about bow windows is that they can be wrapped around the corner of a building. This forms a neat turret shape on the outside and a beautiful nook on the inside. This is not something that bay windows can offer.

Is There a Difference in Cost?

The difference in cost between bow and bay windows is usually pretty small.  Many manufacturers will charge more for a bigger window, but the difference between a bow and a bay is typically not a large price driver. A bow window with five panels will typically cost more than a bay window with only three panels. You may see a cost difference of a few hundred dollars, but not much more than that.

Northern Window

If you’re interested in adding space and light to your home and increasing your home’s value, Northern Window’s bow and bay windows are excellent choices. Our windows are Energy Star approved and designed to thrive in Canada’s changing climate. Northern Window offers free in-home estimates and a 20-year guarantee on all installations. Contact Northern Window today to learn more about bow and bay window options available to you.


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