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How Different Types of Installation Affects the Price of Your Windows

You can’t live in a house without a few windows scattered throughout. Not only does it give you a nice view of your neighbourhood, but it also allows for natural air flow and sunlight to filter into your home. You can also expect that these windows will need to be replaced at some point, depending on your climate, the age of your windows, the materials used to frame it and more. Windows should last you about 25 years, but circumstances can lead to them needing to be replaced sooner rather than later.


When it comes to the cost of window replacement, many factors can affect it, including the size of the job, the brand and style of the windows themselves, the overall quality, the type of glass used and the installation method. The biggest factor that can affect the cost of window replacements is the type of installation process needed to get the job done right. We’re going to dive into the two most common types of window installation that could drastically increase or decrease your budget.

Installed Into an Existing Frame

Also known as the retrofit installation methods, choosing this installation process only works if you’re inserted new windows into a pre-existing window frame. During this installation, everything except the window itself is left intact. That includes the pillars and wooden frame that the window attaches to. To save you some money, your contractor can also use aluminum capping when dealing with the outer cover of the windows instead of replacing the existing brick mould. This is the installation option for you if you’re only replacing a window, as it doesn’t cost nearly as much as if you were to rebuild the window frames and overall structure.

Full Frame Installation

Also known as the brick-to-brick installation method, deciding to proceed with this installation process means rebuilding and replacing the entire existing window frame structure. This is necessary if you’re replacing your windows with ones of a different style or size. Ripping everything out right down to the nails, this might also be an option if you have a lot of moisture within your wooden frame or if the wood has begun to rot. Your contractor will need to build the frame on site, install the window itself, the interior trim and exterior brick moulds, all of which will cost you much more than a simple, retrofit window replacement.


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Common Window Problems and How To Fix Them

Windows don’t just add to the look of your home but they also provide ventilation and fresh air for the people living inside. They are, however, quite prone to wear and tear. If you notice that your windows aren’t functioning properly, don’t yet plan to replace them. Instead, you may be able to fix them completely by targeting the root of the problem. Here are some common window problems and their quick solutions:

Drafty room

If you notice that a room or spot near a window is cooler than the rest of your home, it is probably because a draft is sneaking inside. Especially in these chilly Edmonton winters, windows and doors need to be shut tight. Caulking your window may be a great solution to this problem. This will help to seal visible gaps along the exterior of the windows. You can simply buy a tube of caulk and a caulk gun to seal any visible gaps. Let the caulk dry for at least 24 hours. If the draft continues, it may be that the overall quality of the window is low and you need a plan B. Simply hire the experienced and licensed crew from Northern Windows and Doors and get an energy-efficient window replacement to guarantee that your home has a regulated indoor temperature, irrespective of the outside temperature.

Horizontal sliding windows don’t open

One of the most common issues with horizontal slider windows is that the windows stick along the track or slide very slowly. This might be due to a lot of dust and grime accumulating in the track. You can clean the tracks by coating them with a concoction of baking soda and a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let the mix fizzle for a while and then scrub it with a toothbrush. Use a paper towel and a butter knife wrapped with a rag to reach all the corners and crevices for a thorough cleaning.

Issues with crank-operated windows

Just like the horizontal sliding windows, crank-operated windows too need routine cleaning and maintenance. To help with this problem, clean and lubricate your window cranks. Remove the arm of the crank and get rid of the rust inside the gears with a wire brush. Next, use a toothbrush coated with a cleaning liquid and scrub it. Wipe down dry with a rag and then lubricate the gears and crank. However, if the issue persists, you may need to think about getting replacement casement windows or awning windows for your home.

Wooden frame windows

The issue with wooden frame windows is that they can swell up due to moisture and humidity. This means that the frames keep changing diameters. Naturally, it is hard for them to close or open amidst times when high condensation occurs. Unfortunately, there is no remedy except replacing the windows for this particular issue. Opting for an energy-efficient replacement, like a vinyl frame, is a great option as it is equipped to handle sudden weather changes. Northern Windows and Doors can help. Whether it is cleaning, repairing, replacing or installing windows or doors, our experienced crew can help you to get a solution for all kinds of window and door issues.

Edmonton homeowners are choosing the best window replacement options for their home

Windows are essential for your home for a variety of reasons. First, they form a medium for sunlight and fresh air to enter your home, secondly they support ventilation and supply oxygen from outside trees, and thirdly, they add to the beauty and structure of your home. Having said that, while constructing a new home, finding the right window style to match your taste, comfort and personal preference may be a bit difficult. But do you know what is harder? Deciding when to replace an old window.

Ordering and installation

In an ideal scenario, you would wish that ordering windows and installing them would happen right at the same time. However, that is far away from reality. Ordering can seldom work at the same time as you are having them fitted. Winter months are best to order your new windows as manufacturers are less busy during those times. April and May are usually notorious for higher prices and lesser availability of installers. It may be prudent to order in January and wait until the weather is slightly better to book installation. If you have limited space to store your uninstalled windows, you may not be able to store windows for a long time. Make sure to time the gap between ordering and installation smartly.

Seasonal considerations

Considering the harsh winters in Canada, many people may prefer installing their windows in warmer months. Actually, there are many advantages to winter installations, namely:

  1. No excessive humidity or heat
  2. No bugs to deter work
  3. Readily available workforce
  4. Ample rescheduling options

Bear in mind that winter installations can be time-consuming. Harsh winters can diminish productivity. Plus, your windows will be open until the installation is complete, which means you will have to bear the brunt of the harsh winter for a while. Your installer will have to use suitable caulking and adhesives to seal the windows correctly.

If you are considering shifting the window installation to spring or summer times, there are quite a few potential benefits to it too.

  1. Better weather
  2. Improved productivity due to favourable working conditions
  3. No need to clear ice and snow buildup
  4. Ease of drying-fresh paint and filling
  5. Quicker installation

However, there are few downsides to summer installation too:

  1. Difficulty in scheduling or rescheduling an installation appointment as the workers are already booked
  2. Fewer chances of finding a great sale on windows

No matter when you plan to install new windows, make sure to consider the above points and work out the best deal that is suitable for your schedule and budget. Invest time to think on the design, colours and best fit for your home. After all, windows add an aesthetic element to any home.

If you are considering the replacement of your windows and are confused about options, contact Northern Windows and Doors for a customized plan. Our team of experienced professionals at Northern Windows and Doors can help you plan and complete window installations in a quick, convenient and efficient way. Come visit us in our new showroom at Edmonton

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

The right windows boost your home’s curb appeal and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your living room. Finding the right windows to compliment your home’s architecture, your personal style, and your environmental needs can be difficult. At Northern Windows and Doors, we offer a wide variety of windows, including custom work, so that you will have exactly what you need when you are renovating or building a home from scratch. Here are our best tips on how to pick the best exterior windows for your home.

Match Your Home’s Architecture to the Windows

Depending on your home’s architecture and styling, different windows will flatter your home better than others. If you have a modern or contemporary home, then you would do well to select floor to ceiling windows with no accents while Tudor style homes work well with diamond mullions (the bars that divide windows into different shapes) on their windows. Windows that do not match the architecture of the house will look jarring and take away from the overall appeal.

Colourful Frames and Mullions

Frames and mullions come white as standard. You can get them in custom colours that better flatter your home. If you have a beige house with a navy blue roof, then matching the frames to the navy roof and the mullions to the beige exterior can create an attractive uniformity. It is a great idea also to paint door frames to match so that it does not stand out against the windows.

Function vs. Styles

Large fixed windows can be a beautiful addition to your home; however, they do not open to allow for fresh air. In an emergency you also cannot use them as an exit unless you shatter them. Decide what you want out of your windows before you make a final decision on the style. Windows that open, even just a crack, are best for kitchen and bathrooms, while fixed windows are suitable for living rooms and the facade of your house. Windows that slide all the way open are best for bedrooms in case of fires or other emergencies.

Building From the Ground Up? Don’t Forget the Sun!

If you are constructing your home from scratch, then you should try to consider the orientation of the sun and pick appropriate windows based on this. You do not want giant windows letting sunshine on your television after work or the rising sun waking you in your bedroom when you try and sleep in. It also will help keep heating and cooling bills low.

Windows as an Interior Design Focal Point

Windows can be used as design focal points for your interiors. A well-placed window with unique mullions, and bay and bow windows can become decor elements as much as any piece of furniture or art. Building around them also helps incorporate your windows into your home rather than having them get in the way of where you want to put art.

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Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

By installing new windows, you can easily change the whole look and function of your home. A good set of windows enables you to enjoy fresh air yet will protect your home when it gets below freezing. At Northern Window and Doors, we carry nine varieties of standard windows for our customers to choose between, and for someone who needs something extra special we offer custom window solutions. Our windows are all high-efficiency PVC and come in a variety of colours. Your needs will determine what kind of window you get as well as the space you have available and what kind of look you are after.

Bay and Bow Windows

Seven of the nine window styles that we offer are flat and flush to the house. The two others are bay and bow windows, which extend out from the home and create a small seating area or shelf. A bay window is made up of three panes of glass, angled to form half of a hexagon perfect for a kitchen or a living room. In a kitchen, it is dreamy above the sink, with lots of extra space created for plants and knickknacks. Bay windows also are perfect for in-kitchen dining areas and can be used to add extra bench seating for a kitchen table to save space. Bow windows are more often used for living and family rooms. They are made up of five panes of glass and are not angled like a bay window but curved to form a bow like from a bow and arrow. They allow for great views, and single panes can include casement features so that you can get a breeze.

Fixed Windows

There are two main reasons why you need a fixed window. One is that the area does not require ventilation. In most homes, fixed windows are used when you want a larger viewing area, especially floor to ceiling windows without any kind of interruption or break. This type of window is best if you have a view that you really want to enjoy. Many people also flank one large picture window with thin and tall casement windows on either side, so that they can still get a little bit of a breeze.

Fresh Air

A majority of windows are squared or rectangular and can be opened. The type of opening depends a lot on what kind of weather you have and how much breeze you want to be able to come into your home. Awning windows and double-hung windows are great for ventilation but let a lot of adverse weather in. Singler slider windows and double slider windows are a happy medium but also can be susceptible to letting in snow or rain. Single-hung windows and casement windows can be cracked just a little bit, and a casement window can help keep out snow or rain.

Customize It

At Northern Windows and Doors, we can make windows in any size or shape you need so that choosing the right windows for your home includes limitless possibilities. Contact us today if you need windows and doors installation in Edmonton, and we will be happy to outfit your home.

7 Window Privacy Ideas

Having beautiful, big windows allow natural light and fresh air into your home which you can enjoy on hot summer days. Having tons of windows is lovely, but the reality of windows is that you do lack privacy. You want to be able to enjoy your home without having people looking in, especially burglars waiting to see if you are home and when you have gone to bed. Different window treatments can offer the coverage that you desire while also letting you have natural light and fresh air when you want it most. Here are our top seven window treatments that you should consider to improve privacy in your home.

Windows Edmonton



Blinds are one of the more standard options for window coverings. They are slats that can be made out of wood, plastic, vinyl, or other materials, that can be pulled up or down and tilted to let in lots of light, a limited amount of light, and no light. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal.


Shades are fabric window coverings that come in two styles; folding shades and rolling shades. Folding shades fold into themselves so that they sit compactly at the top of the window. Most folding shades let some light into the room even when fully down but do obscure what is inside. Rolling shades are usually heavier and when pulled all the way down they do not let any light in.

Interior Shutters

Unlike exterior shutters, which are mostly decorative now, interior shutters can be opened and closed to let in the sun. Usually made of wood, when shutters are closed, the slats in the shutters themselves can be closed or opened via a piece of wood that runs straight down the slats to let in a controlled amount of light.

Exterior Window Privacy Screens

These are window treatments that go onto the outside of your home. Better suited to bathroom windows they do allow light through but are slatted and angled close enough together that people outside of your home cannot see in. In bathrooms, you can use them to let steam out without the fear of anyone seeing inside.


Curtains can be made out of a variety of fabrics that suit your taste and style. Some curtains come in gauzy fabrics that let a lot of light through and only partially obstruct the view from the outside. Other curtains come in heavy fabrics that keep all light out and ensure complete privacy. Curtains can be used with shades or blinds to add additional privacy.

Frosted Glass

Perfect for front door windows and bathrooms, textured glass lets in natural light while obscuring the people inside. This type of glass can also be used for glass shower doors.

At Northern Windows and Doors, we have a wide variety of windows to suit the taste of any homeowner. Providing windows and doors in Edmonton, from bay windows to traditional single slider windows and even custom smart-glass windows made upon request; we know we will have something to fulfill your specific need. Contact us today for a free estimate and visit our website to take a look through our work!


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